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The Flott & Fesch Packages
Three different flat rate packages to choose


Great Designs at a Great Price



1 Initial concept board

Product Suggestions

Shopping list

*Does not include suggested placement of
furniture, floorplan or set-up instructions


The Complete Design Experience



1 Initial concept board

Room overview

Set up instructions

Shopping list


The Extra Mile



2 Initial concept boards

Room overview

Floor plan

Set up instructions

Shopping list

Maria Irene Ramirez Designer: Maria Ramirez Budget: 1.250€ Timeframe: 3 Weeks Package: Flott Everyone deserves feeling at home. START A PROJECT
The Flott & Fesch Experience
Design your tailored space in four easy steps


Tell us about you! Fill out our online style survey and choose a room design package. Describe us your project, your budget and upload pictures and floor plans (if available) and all the information you can give us from your room.


Based on your style and budget we start working on your “Initial concept board” so you can choose. We might also get in contact with you if we need more information regarding your space.


Work online one on one with your designer, you provide your designer with feedbacks while they put together your specifications to finalize your design.


Transform your space. Receive your final design including tips, floor plans and more. If you don’t have time or you are not feeling like shopping you just have to click “shop for me” and we’ll do the job for you!

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What is Flott & Fesch?

Flott & Fesch is an online interior design service company, providing professional Interior design for residential and commercial spaces. That means that the entire design process will happen online, you helping our designer with your feedbacks to design your dream space. It’s easy, affordable, fun and entirely online!

How much does it cost?

You will pay a one time flat fee for a complete online interior design service in any* of our package. Whether you want to spend 500€ or 50.000€ our designers will work within your budget to achieve not only the design of your dreams but a space that you love and feel comfortable and at home.

Stays the designer  within my budget?

Absolutely! The only reason why it can be more expensive than your budget at the end is because of the shipping, but that’s exactly why our designers try to work below your budget to compensate this.

Can the designer work with my existing furniture?

Yes they can! Some of our designers are experts with reclaimed furniture! But even if you’re not looking for a dramatic change of your furniture we can work with them, just let us know about it when you write your project description. Upload pictures of the item, so we can make it part of the initial concept board. If you forget to tell us about it in your quiz don’t panic! You can always tell your designer about it. Remember, we are here to help you have the room of your dreams!

Is The Flott & Fesch experience for me?

If you need help tailoring a space in your home or office but you don’t know how to start or simply don’t have time to meet with designers, then we are the perfect match for you. Maybe you are getting married and want to have the home of your dreams. Your family is getting bigger and you need help and hints with the nursery of the new member. Or you are moving to a new house or apartment and it needs the home feeling. Maybe you are a single Engineer looking to transform your normal space into extraordinary!

I have an open floor plan, does that count as one room?

The price is determined to one area, so if you plan to have a living/dining room design you will have to buy 2 packages