What is Flott & Fesch?

Flott & Fesch is an online interior design service company, providing professional design service for residential and commercial spaces. That means that the entire design process will happen online, you helping our designer with your feedbacks to design your dream space. It’s easy, affordable, fun and entirely online.

Is Flott & Fesch for me?

If you need help tailoring a space in your home or office but you don’t know how to start or simply don’t have time to meet with designers, then we are the perfect match for you. Maybe you are getting married and want to have the home of your dreams. Your family is getting bigger and you need help and hints with the nursery of the new member. Or you are moving to a new house or apartment and it needs the home feeling. Maybe you are a single Engineer looking to transform your normal space into extraordinary.

Why choose Flott & Fesch over traditional interior designers?

The most simply answer is because of time. It’s convenient and easy for everyone. We don’t have hiding costs in the package, what you see is what you pay, a flat price per room!

How much does it cost?

You will pay a one time flat fee for a complete online interior design service in any* of our package. Whether you want to spend 500€ or 50.000€ our designers will work within your budget to achieve not only the design of your dreams but a space that you love and feel comfortable at home.

Our Mini Flott package cost 99€ and is everything you need if you are looking for a quick upgrade for your space. This package doesn’t include suggested placement of the furniture, nor floor plan nor set up instruction.

Upgrade to our Flott package for only 175€ and get the completely online interior design service. This package is everything you need to completely transform your space. Including 2 initial concept board, room overview, floor plan, set up instructions and the shopping list.

If you are looking for that extra service, and the complete online interior design service with a plus, the Fesch package for 250€ is for you. You’ll get 3 initial concept board, your room overview, floor plan, set up instruction and the shopping list.

I have an open floor plan, does that count as one room?

The price is determined to one area, so if you plan to have an living/dining room design you will have to buy 2 packages

What are the differences between packages?

You can compare our different packages by clicking here

Do the designer stays within my budget?

Absolutely! The only reason why it can be more expensive than your budget at the end is because of the shipping. That’s exactly why our designers always work below your budget to compensate this.

Can the designer work with my existing furniture?

Absolutely! Some of our designers are experts with reclaimed furniture! But even if you’re not looking for a dramatic change of your furniture we can work with them. Let us know when you write your project description, and upload pictures of the item, so we can make part of the initial concept board. If you forget to tell us about it in your quiz don’t panic! You can always tell your designer about it. Remember, we are here to help you have the room of your dreams.

How do I know my room dimension?

In the project form we’ll ask you for your room measurements. Use a tape measurer to collect the length and width of your room. If you have an irregular room and you are not sure how to measure it or if you have specific questions about room measurements please contact us at

Can my designer propose the amount of finishing materials require for my space (i.e. Color, Wallpaper…)?

Yes, but previous to our designers proposing and sourcing the finishing materials. We require that you have a professional (i.e. a contractor) measure of your space and confirm the quantity needed for proper dimensions/coverage of any specified material. That means that our designers are not responsible of any mistakes if you don’t provide us the correct quantity of the space.

Where do you source products from?

We find the best products for you from hundreds of the most reputable online furniture store in Germany and Europe. That’s a catalogue of more than 500.000 products and our designers are experts hunting the perfect furniture for your space. We can also work with your favorites online furniture stores if you have them. Just talk all your ideas with your designers to achieve your dream space.

What do I do if I’m experiencing a problem?

We are here to help! You can always contact us 24/7 at

What happened if a product becomes unavailable after the design process ended?

Your designer can choose new options for you if an item is discontinued or is no longer available. This has to be within the next 30 days of receiving your final board with your shopping list. After that time, please reach us at, and we will help you find a new option.

What is your refund policy?

We understand that design is very personal, that’s why if you are not happy with your initial concept board, you can initiate a refund by writing to

I don’t speak German, can I have a designer that speaks my language?

Thank god/Allah/Buddha (or whatever you want to call it) Germany is a multicultural country and so is our team. At the moment we give you the possibility to communicate with your designer in German, English or Spanish. Some of our designers are fluent in the three languages, just let us know in the quiz what language you prefer so we can pick the perfect designer for you.

How can I reach you?

We are here to help! You can always contact us by sending us an email to

What is included in a F&F package?

We go further than just a concept board. Our main goal is to make you happy and helping the clients in the design process in the traditional way, that can sometimes be overwhelming. This is why in our packages you get more than a concept board. You will get fully support and you will work always with your designer, which will provide you with the accurate information and expertise to transform your space.


• 1 or 2 Initial concept board (depends the package)
• Room overview *
• Floor plan *
• Set-up instructions *
• Shopping list With link to the items