Designers edition

I’m a designer, how can I apply to be part of the team?

We are always looking for new members to join our family, feel free to see our Designers FAQ’s section to get informed on how can you be part of our team.

What is Flott & Fesch?

Flott & Fesch is an online interior design service platform to connect our talented and professional designers with digital interior design projects. We match the designers with the clients project based on the client quiz, style, and space. The designers then create an initial concept board and then if selected, the designers will start working with the client.

What makes Flott & Fesch different from others interior design service?

Flott & Fesch provides the opportunity to work with design projects in Germany and Europe 100% online. The world is moving fast and we all want the best for all, we give you the opportunity to work wherever you are, as long as you can work with deadlines. We know that working is important but we also believe it isn’t everything. You just have to take care of designing and we at Flott & Fesch take care of the payment, marketing, products ordering and all the not so funny things.

How can a designer become part of the Flott & Fesch family?

We are looking enthusiast designers, people passionate about what they do. At the end you should have fun at work. To be accepted we also require your credentials (Degree, Certifications, Licenses) work experience, portfolio, samples of your work and all the information to support your application.

If you are interest in working with us and joining our family, please click here. You will need a professional resume, your interior design credentials and portfolio. Your submission should not exceed 5MB.

How does the design process work?

The clients tell us about them by filling our online style survey. They choose a design package and describe their project, budget and upload pictures, measurements, floor plans and all the information that they can give us from their room.

Based on their style and budget we present the project to the designers that match the client style. If you are interested you have to submit one initial concept board within the next 2 days. The first 2 designers submitting are the ones we present to the client. The clients proceed to pick one initial concept board and if it’s yours you start immediately to work online with your client. You put together the client specifications and hey give you feedbacks to finalize their design.

What is the general timeline for a design project?

Project entry——-Submitting the Initial concept board (3-4 days)—-The client picks a concept board (1-2days)—–design time (+7 days)——Final Board (1-2 Days)—Total 14-16 Days

Do I get paid?

Of course you do! The clients pay a flat fee per room and the designers get the 60% of that fee once they complete the design process. We provide you with more information about it, once you apply to be part of our team.

I don’t live in Germany, can I still be part of the team?

Yes you can! Please contact us at for more information.