In 2019 I traveled to Japan with my boyfriend. I was thrilled about the trip, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing. And even though they have a “special/kitsch side” in their culture, the traditional one is the one I was mesmerised with.

The kindness of the people and the organisation of the Country are a few things you are going to fall in love with.


Japandi style, two of my favourite interior design styles came together to show us how perfect mixing can be. This two styles match perfectly with each other since they have a couple of similarities.


The internet is full with the definition of the Scandinavian and Japanese style, therefore I’ll concentrate here on how do they mix. Short said the Japandi style looks for simple materials, a minimalistic lifestyle that emphasises nature in interiors.

Simple to say and difficult to achieve for so many people, since this means you definitely have to declutter. The style mix the lightness of the Japanese style with the warmth of the Scandinavian style. There are no shiny items, and light coloured wood is a must.


The connection with nature predominates in the Japandi interiors, the use of paper, plants, rattan, bamboo are some materials that will help you achieve the look.

The textiles are also important, choose textiles like linen or cotton, this materials comes from the nature.

The colour palette comes from the materials that I just mention. Earth colours, sand colours, monochromatic colours. Focus also on layering textures but don’t forget to keep it simple.


Bellow you will find some of my 10 favourites items of this style. What’s your favourite of my selection? I’ll love to read what do you think of this post, so don’t forget to leave your comments below.